Hey, I'm Stephan.

As a family man, entrepreneur & body-oriented happiness & resilience coach, I have been married to Chrissi for over 19 years and together we have 2 wonderful children.

Balancing family, career and hobby, both in terms of time and finances, has always been a great challenge and this concept has brought the freedom into my life that suits me perfectly. The topic of health has always fascinated me, as well as the approach of getting more power and energy in everyday life and sport in a natural way. Now with over a decade of experience, I have encouraged and supported many people on their path to success.

I created “Sponsor yourself” to help you realize your sporting dreams and goals in harmony with your professional and private life.

My mission

The passion for sports unites and I want to support people all over the world to live their passion in a free way and to realize their sporting dreams!

Achieve success with personal support!

The 9 pillars of 'Sponsor yourself

Every success is based on solid foundations. For ‘Sponsor Yourself’, I have identified nine central pillars that not only form the core of my philosophy, but also pave the way for each individual pursuing their passion. These pillars represent the values and principles that drive me and that can also help you to achieve your goals.

Are you ready to take the next step?