Sponsor yourself – otherwise no one will sponsor you


Perhaps somewhat provocatively written and in no way intended to reduce or question the importance and value of sponsorship in sport by many great companies.

For many athletes, however, it is often a great challenge to cover the running costs of their sport from their own resources without having to give up other things or to be constantly on the lookout for sponsors or other sources of income.

In addition, the question often arises: what happens if I as an athlete am unable to deliver the performance that my sponsor might expect from me or if I am unable to practice my sport for a longer period of time due to injury or other circumstances, but part of my income is also based on sponsorship?

I have been dealing with this topic for many years and have therefore made it my mission to invest myself in it and perhaps show one or two people ways to finance their hobby or to be able to live 100% for and from their passion.

There are currently tons of opportunities on offer to earn money quickly, but in my opinion these are often presented too simply and if you want to be really independent, in most cases you need to invest a lot of time, which is then deducted from training and regeneration times, investments or a great deal of specialist knowledge to become successful.

Fortunately, 10 years ago I got to know a company that offers me exactly the right opportunities to build up a source of income as an athlete that continues to flow even if my personal situation changes or develops differently and requires little or no additional time or even investment.

Sounds exciting to you? Then let’s just have a chat and see if it suits you.

Costs nothing ;)!



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